Let’s Hear it for the Groomsmen!

Let’s Hear it for the Groomsmen!

So much attention is given to the ladies, it’s time we give the boys an education in what’s hot in groomsmen fashion! Trust me ladies, this will make your life easier when visiting the Tuxedo Shop or not!

Just as the concept of ‘matchy-matchy’ is vanishing in bridesmaid fashion, we are now seeing the trend for individuality appear in groomsmen attire.

Here are a few concepts for you to share with your Groom that will be sure to add to the unique style and elegance of your wedding!

Joe Casual

Want to know the secret to being the coolest wife ever? The wife that gets invited to boy’s night out?

If your wedding is casual and jeans seem to work . . . do it! You will go down in history as the coolest bride ever! Don’t worry, your groom doesn’t have to be in jeans himself to make this look work – although he can. He is still the groom and can wear whatever you want him to.

For groomsmen, this look is best carried off with crisp shirts and patterned ties. Choosing dark jeans and a vest will transform the style from sloppy to chic.

Best Foot Forward

The boys are now opting out of the tuxedo rental shoes and exploring more exciting options. Consider choosing wingtips, oxfords, brown leather, etc. Many of our groomsmen are opting for tennis shoes such as Converse that come in many customizable colors!

In a further break from the tradition of black shoes and black socks, sock choice could include styles such as argyle, striped or polka dot. Fun socks for the boys to wear the ‘day of’ is also a wonderful groomsman gift just as earrings are for the ladies. So, go ahead and get creative with the footwear; your groom and his groomsmen will thank you!

Little Mister Mismatched

In addition to mismatched accessories and shoes, guys are opting for downright mismatched (yet still complementary) suits. Think about looking at paint swatches and going with tone on tone, just like the bridesmaids are doing! This look is fresh, modern and oh, so stylish! Bear in mind that it’s crucial to stick with the same color family; if your color palette is shades of gray and you decide to throw in a brown or kaki color, the look will flop!

Joe Cool

If you are the traditional type, but are looking for something fashion-forward but not completely out of the box, this may be the look for your guy. It’s a fresh and sexy take on ‘traditional.’ Think about opting out of the coat and vest and, instead, go for a crisp white shirt, bow tie and suspenders. Suspenders come in many cool colors and could be coordinated with some colorful socks as well. It’s the perfect way to show your individual style without upsetting Grandma!

Your wedding day should be a fun, as well as festive, day. These latest trends can let the groomsmen share in a relaxed, but still elegant, event

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