How to be the Best Mother of the Bride You Can Be

How to be the Best Mother of the Bride You Can Be

Your daughter is getting married! It is a special time for both Mother and Bride. But what does being the Mother of the Bride (MOB for short) mean today?

No doubt things have changed. It used to be your responsibility to do the majority of the wedding planning because it was ultimately your responsibility to pay the bill. Today your daughter will probably have scoured social media to create her own unique vision, which may differ drastically from yours. She and her groom may also be planning to pay for much of the wedding themselves. So what’s a MOB to do?

First and foremost, be a sounding board and source of support for your daughter. I cannot stress enough the importance of being open to her ideas and being a good listener. She will undoubtedly need your ear from time to time and maybe even your shoulder. The way to be the best MOB you can be is by asking your daughter what she needs from you and doing nothing less and nothing more!

One of the most emotional and exhilarating tasks you will have is to help your daughter find her wedding gown. Remember, this is her dress and if she loves it you should too! Nothing breaks my heart more in my bridal salons than when mother and daughter do not agree on a dress. So be a good sport and know that your daughter will not be happy unless you appear happy as well.

Now, let’s talk about your dress. I advise you to select your dress as soon as possible. This way you will have many options to choose from and not be stuck with something you don’t love because you ran out of time. Don’t worry, we know you are going to lose weight and the dress can be taken in. Additionally, you need to make your choice so the groom’s mother knows what she should be looking for, as it is still customary for you to choose first.

Today’s MOBs each have a different role, determined by the wants and needs of the bride and groom. To be the best MOB you can be, be supportive, be a good listener, keep your promises and most of all be ready to watch every episode of “Say Yes to the Dress

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